Small Business Legal Tips

Attorney Judy Gedge provides legal tips for small business owners in these articles.  You can access and print them with Adobe Acrobat.

Why bother to form a Limited Liability Company?  Find out why it’s so important to protect your personal assets from the risks of your business by incorporating in Why Do You Need to Incorporate?

What are the risks of simply filing Articles of Organization for an LLC?  Find out in An LLC is Not a Dog License.

Legal tips for consultants – Consulting Safeguards.

Legal tips for home-based businesses – Beware of Pitfalls, Protect Yourself and Your Home-Based Business.

Transitioning from employee to consultant – Employee-2-Consultant… Got Skills?

For those considering opening a franchise – Opening a Franchise… Look Before You Leap.

Dealing with your receivables – Getting Paid for Your Hard Work.

Legal tips for buying a business – Growth Through Acquisition.

Using contract workers, virtual assistants and more – Alternatives to Hiring Staff.

A legal check up for existing businesses – The Top Ten Tips for Protecting Your Business.

Structuring a business with multiple owners – Do You Really Want Your Partner’s Spouse to Tell You How to Run your Business? (And Equally Unpleasant Scenarios!)

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