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Overview – Easy Steps for Filing your Connecticut LLC Online


All businesses have legal risks. Whether you’re operating a restaurant, providing consulting services, doing remodeling, or engaging in any other business, you face the risk of a lawsuit just by being in business. If you operate your business as a sole proprietor, then your personal assets are at risk if someone sues you. A limited liability company (LLC), if properly established, can provide you significant protection by protecting your personal assets.


LLC Express provides one-stop shopping to set up your Connecticut Limited Liability Company. This service is offered by Scott B. Franklin & Associates. Scott is an experienced small business lawyer who has helped hundreds of people launch successful businesses in Connecticut.

As part of our LLC Express service, we’ll prepare customized documents for your Limited Liability Company that comply with Connecticut legal requirements. We’ll make the filings with the Connecticut Secretary of State to form your Limited Liability Company. We’ll provide you with tips and information to help you launch a successful Connecticut business and we’re available to personally answer your questions. We can also obtain tax identification numbers for your Limited Liability Company (both Federal and State). Please note – our LLC Express service is for single member LLC’s only (an LLC with 1 owner) and you must have a CT address to use this service.

Your Limited Liability Company can be up and running in about a week with LLC Express. The cost for this service is $375 plus Connecticut State filing fees.