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Why Use LLC Express?

You may be thinking about filing your own LLC. It may seem simple to download a form from the Web— no harder than getting a dog license.  But if you take this approach, you may find that your LLC doesn’t protect your personal assets when you need it most.  It’s not enough to just form the LLC.  Under a legal doctrine called Piercing the Veil, a Court can impose personal liability on the owner of an LLC if the LLC has not been properly set up and legally maintained.  To maximize your protection from personal liability, the LLC needs to be properly organized and documented even if there’s only one member in the LLC.

When you use our LLC Express service, you can be sure that your LLC has been properly organized and documented as required by governing law.  LLC Express is operated by Scott Franklin, an experienced small business lawyer who has helped hundreds of people launch successful Connecticut businesses.  LLC Express is more than a document preparation service.  We’re also available to personally answer your questions by phone or e-mail.

Here’s what our clients say about our LLC Express Service –

“LLC Express was a great service!!!”

“LLC Express was a great service!!! I will recommend it in the future. Thanks so much – in 6 days I’m ready to move forward with my business.”
Gabriela Torneo
Accu-Rate Broker, LLC

“I recommend you and LLC Express enthusiastically. Thanks for all your help!”

“I had contemplated forming an LLC on and off for some time. Using LLC Express was quick, easy and economical. With your support and availability to answer all my questions about the process and implications, I was confident in my decision and had a clear understanding of all that I needed to know. The packet and books that were included answered many of my questions and will be helpful going forward. I have already passed along your name to a friend and colleague and will recommend you and LLC Express enthusiastically. Thanks for all your help!
Jackie Johnson
Choice Business and Personal Coaching, LLC

“Using the LLC Express website is a snap and the expertise behind LLC Express is first rate.”

“I would recommend LLC Express to everyone who wants their new business to start off on the right foot. My LLC was formed very rapidly so I was able to sign agreements under my LLC name providing protection up front. Using the LLC Express website is a snap and the expertise behind LLC Express is first rate. It’s a simple process, providing you with a wonderful legal package and clear instructions of next steps after your LLC is formed. You can feel confident that your LLC will be established properly. You have many important things to take care of starting your business, let an attorney start you off on the right foot. Absolutely worth the low cost of this service.”
Cheryl Furman
HealthyU, LLC

“…Using LLC Express made my life so much easier…and gave me peace of mind.”

“I just had to write and tell you how using LLC Express made my life so much easier. You made everything so clear for me. It didn’t take an enormous amount of my time or money; the price is definitely affordable for a small business. You provided additional materials for me that I would never have thought of and that gave me peace of mind that everything I was doing was in the best interest of my newly formed company and that I was doing everything correctly. Between the ease of your website, the additional materials, little time and money involved, it was all worth it for the peace of mind going forward. Thank you so much for everything and I have already begun referring LLC Express and you to my colleagues and clients alike.”
Cindy Clark
CCDesignz Business Services LLC

“…As a result of my great experience with you and LLC Express, I have been proudly recommending your services to others.”

“Traversing the myriad of elements to incorporate, and understand the legal obligations can be a nightmare for the uninitiated. Taking a chance to do this on my own may have cost a bit less, but the overall value you provided, far exceeds the cost. The speed with which you moved and the materials you provided, made this part of establishing my business very pleasurable. As a result of my great experience with you and LLC Express, I have been proudly recommending your services to others.”
Frank Joseph Beafore, Member
Oxford-Wright, LLC

“ Forming a company is not a do-it-yourself project…I would highly recommend LLC Express…”

“I recently formed a professional services LLC with the valuable assistance/guidance provided by LLC Express. The entire process went surprisingly quick and with little real effort on my part. LLC Express professionally addressed all the important and necessary legal document preparation and interacted with the Secretary of State’s Office. Today, the internet allows us to do so much on-line that there’s a temptation to create your own company on-line. I would not recommend going that route – forming a company is not a do-it-yourself project! The fees charged by LLC Express are very reasonable and you can be assured that everything is done properly to ensure that you are legally protected. In addition, LLC Express has provided a number of documents and informational materials to provide additional guidance going forward. In summary, I have been very pleased with the nature and quality of service I have received and I would highly recommend LLC Express to anyone who desires a professional and comprehensive approach to creating an LLC.”
James Low, PE
ConnSpec, LLC